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Dave Formichella
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Sponsored by
John Tricker - Owner
LP Wide Plank Floors

1st PLACE = $500 (sponsored by John Tricker)
2nd PLACE = $300 (sponsored by Warren Stanley)
3rd PLACE = $100 (sponsored by Keenan Wolf)


     This is a season long event which bears the name of another one of our fallen golfing friends Charlie Christenson. The Christenson Cup sponsored by my company LP Wide Plank Floors will last until the end of the regular season at the GCNJ Championship at Sea Oaks. Every paid up member is automatically entered with no additional entry fee required. There will; however, be an 8-tournament minimum for eligibility to the grand prize of $500, 2nd place will earn $300 compliments of Warren Stanley and 3rd place will take $100 compliments of Keenan Wolf. The good news is you donít actually have to do anything! Your Christenson Cup score will be updated automatically from the regular event scores and posted on the website leaderboard tab each week.


     The idea is take your best score on hole #1 from all the hole #1's you play throughout the entire season. The same with 2-18 as well. For example, if you birdie the 3rd hole at Twisted Dune which is a par 3. Your #3 hole score for the season is likely to stay at 2, unless of course you get an Ace on another courses hole #3 later in the year! You will have an 18 hole score that gradually reduces in total with every event you play. I expect the winning score to be in the low 50s, maybe even into the 40s!

     This format will reward good play on shorter holes, so should make for a level playing field for all handicap levels. Remember the score is not in relation to par, it is just the gross number for a hole.

This should be a fun addition to our other events so good luck, and have fun!

John Tricker.


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