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Golf Club of New Jersey Basic Rules

  1. The USGA Rules of Golf govern all play. Do not touch your ball anywhere on the golf course except on the tee and on the green unless you are taking a penalty or free drop or unless the local rules for the day permit otherwise.

  2. There are absolutely no gimme putts.  You must putt everything out.

  3. Tournament scoring is done only on official GCNJ scorecards which will be handed out at the registration table prior to each event. 

  4. Once your scores have been signed and turned in they cannot be changed.

  5. You must keep track of your opponents scores.

  6. The maximum gross score per hole that you may record is 4 over par.

  7. Players must maintain pace with groups ahead of them or meet predetermined pace standards.  Failure to do so may result in penalties, disqualifications and late starts at future events.

  8. In the event of a tie in the match-play or stroke-play portion of the event, the following tie-breaking procedures apply - We review the scorecards of both teams and players beginning from the 10th hole on the golf course, regardless of where play began. We will break ties using a match of cards format beginning on that hole. We recommend that you pay special attention while playing this hole. Skins ties will be broken using the individual’s net score for 18 holes, the player with the lower net score is the winner.

           TEAM COMPOSITION & POINTS SYSTEM:  Teams will consist of 4-5 players.  Since some events will have formats featuring two-player teams, those events teams will field two entries. For example, a 4-player team that enters an event would be represented by 2, two-player teams. Throughout the regular season teams will accrue points to reach the post season.  The points accrue as follows:
Individual/Team Net Champions  = 4 pts
Individual/Team Net Runner-Up  = 3 pts
Individual/Team Net 3rd             = 2 pts
Individual/Team Net 4th–T10th     = 1 pt
Individual Gross Champion        = 2 pts
Individual Gross 2nd–T5th           = 1 pt
Match Victory - individual          = 1 pt
Match Victory - team                = 2 pts
Closest-to-the-pin                    = 1 pt  
                                    All points in the four Majors are doubled. 

           FOURSOMES COMPOSITION:  Foursomes are comprised of two players from one team and two players from a different team.  The group behind them will be comprised of the other two players from each team.  This allows teams to travel together.  You may play together in a foursome with your own team; however, you forfeit all match and top ten points except for closest to the pin. 

           MATCH POINTS:  In addition to competing against the field for the low net /gross honors, each group is involved in a match play competition within their foursome as well.  The format for the day, either individual or two-player, will determine if the match is between individuals or teams. This serves as a method for groups to police each other as well as to increase your chances to earn points. 

            PLAYING WITHOUT A TEAMMATE:  We never want to discourage anyone from attending any of our tournaments; therefore, when you have no teammates playing in an event and cannot find a guest we will pair you with a player from another team.  All points earned by this "joint team" are awarded to both teams represented.  For example, if a "joint team" wins their match both teams will be credited with points. 

            PLAYING WITH GUESTS:  All invited guests will represent your team and can thereby earn points for your team.  Any guests without a USGA handicap will be handicapped by our in-house handicap system.  No more than 4 players, which includes members and guests, can accumulate points in any event excluding the Member Guest.

            TEAM MERGERS:  All 4/5 player teams will have an advantage over 2 and 3 player teams in accruing points and for this reason we encourage 2 and 3 player teams to merge.  At the start of the season all “free agents” and 2 and 3 player teams will be partnered and we will help to join teams together.  Once a merger occurs the teams do not combine points instead they inherit the points of whichever team has the most. 

             POST SEASON:  During the regular season teams will accrue points and the top 16 teams who accumulated the most points will qualify for the GCNJ Tour Championship.  All players of the No. 1 seeded team will play for free in the 36-hole Championship weekend at Seaview.  Players of the No 2 seeded team will receive a $60 credit toward play, No 3 a $40 credit and No 4 a $25 credit per man. The winning team at this event will receive complimentary entry into the 2019 Myrtle Beach World Amateur in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Golf Club of New Jersey Club Policies

             ENTERING EVENTS:  Once your annual membership dues are collected you will begin to receive our newsletter, Golf Links, via email approximately every three weeks throughout the season. The newsletter will be emailed to your personal email address.  You will be able to access all event information including registrations, tee times and results on the website. You only pay for events you choose to participate in and you may play in as many or as few as you like.  We ask that you register for the events at least a week in advance so we may provide the host course a head count in advance.  Players also may play with whomever they desire.

             COMMITMENT DEADLINE:  This date will be provided on the application for each event and is the date that all players should register by.  This deadline is important because host courses will begin to book tee times for the general public following our final group.  You can still enter events after that period; however, your preferred tee time may not be available.

             STARTING TIMES:  As each entry arrives it is numbered sequentially.  The lowest numbers will get the first preference of tee time and so on.  If you’re playing with a partner or foursome, your starting time rank is assigned by the number of your group's last entry.  The only exception involves players with a history of slow play.  If you fall into this infamous category you will be assigned later tee times.

             TEE TIME CONFIRMATIONS:  Once the tee times have been arranged, which is usually three days prior to the event, you may access your tee time online at the club website by clicking on the “tee times” link found on the homepage. On that page you will find your tee time, pairing, directions and other tournament information.

             CANCELLATION POLICY:  Tournament fees are refunded provided the host course does not charge us.  This risk is assumed by the player.  Should you cancel less than a week prior to the event you do risk a cancellation fee based on what the host course charges.

             GUEST POLICY:  We encourage you to invite guests; however, a particular guest may only play in 3 events per season (excluding the Member Guest) if invited by a member holding a regular membership.  Corporate members are permitted to invite a particular guest to 5 events not including the Member Guest.  Certain events have guest restrictions.  Guests will pay $10.00 more than members at each event except The Member Guest.

             RAIN POLICY:  Any tournament cancelled by inclement weather will either be rescheduled or dropped from the schedule.  Tournament fees will be credited to your account or refunded.  Remember the old saying; however, "it doesn't rain on the golf course."


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