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GCNJ Match-Play Series

     This competition will be a season long event with four qualifiers at the beginning of the year. Matches will begin upon completion of the qualifying and will have to be completed, during league play, by a specific date. There will be 64 players who will make it into the match-play field and those qualifiers will come from the four GCNJ events designated as "GCNJ Match-Play Qualifiers". Since there are 14 players exempt from this years qualifying (see below) there will be 50 spots available from these qualifiers. Those events are The Formy Open at Twisted Dune, The Rumble at Greate Bay, The Atlantic City Open at Atlantic City Country Club and The Masters at Blue Heron. Based on their individual net score for the day, the top 14 lowest net scores at Twisted Dune will qualify for the matches. The top 14 lowest net scores at Greate Bay will be the next 14 into the match-play The top 14 lowest net scores at ACCC will be the next 14 into the match-play and the field will be set at Blue Heron where the final qualifiers will be filled. YOU CAN ATTEMPT TO QUALIFY AT ALL 3 SITES; HOWEVER, ONCE YOU QUALIFY YOUR SEEDING IS SET.

All qualifiers for the GCNJ Match-Play Series will pay $20 to participate in the Series.
The payouts will be as follows: 4 bracket winners = $200; Overall Champion = $TBD

     Players will be seeded based on their qualifying position at each site. Once the matches are seeded, the brackets will be set and players will have a designated number of events to get the match completed with the winner of each match moving on into the next round. The Champion will be crowned the 2019 GCNJ Match-Play Champion. Players will use their current GCNJ Handicap Index at the time of the match and matches must be completed head-to-head during league play.

- Match Tiebreakers: In the event that your match remains tied after 18 holes, the 
   winner will be the
player with the better 18-hole net score during rounds 1, 2 and 3.
   Beginning in round 4 we will have an on course sudden death playoff.
Players will earn exemptions into next years Match-Play field this year by finishing in the
  "final four" of this years event and the winner of all flights in July's Club Championship will
  also be exempt into next year's field. Previous GCNJ Match-Play Champions have a lifetime
  exemption provided they are current members.

Past GCNJ Match-Play Champions
2018 Champion = Tim Tullio
2017 Champion = Keenan Wolf

2016 Champion = Keenan Wolf
2015 Champion = Harry VanDezilver
2014 Champion = Dave Formichella
2013 Champion = Bob Romano
2012 Champion = Herb Ortiz
2011 Champion = Dennis Appelt
2010 Champion = Pat Arnotte
2009 Champion = Tim Tullio
2008 Champion = John Furey
2007 Champion = Drew Murphy
2006 Champion = Tim McKenna

Exempt from 2019 Qualifying
2009 & 2018 Champion = Tim Tullio
2016 & 2017 Champion = Keenan Wolf
2015 Champion = Harry VanDezilver
2014 Champion = Dave Formichella
2013 Champion = Bob Romano
2010 Champion = Pat Arnotte
2008 Champion = John Furey
2007 Champion = Drew Murphy
 2018 Runner-Up = Ed Townsend
2018 semi-finalist = Alex Grebel
 2018 semi-finalist = John Tricker
2018 A Flight Club Champion = Rob Mieczkowski
2018 B Flight Club Champion = Dave Rittinger
2018 C Flight Club Champion = Jim Keesling

Week #1 GCNJ Match-Play Qualifiers

1 Placenti, Rudy 72  
2 Frederick, Gordon 73  
3 Daly, John 75
4 Lawroski, Mike 77  
5 Costanzo, Jaime 78 6
6 Fanucci, Bob 78 8
7 Burgess, Paul 79 3
8 Kelley, Jessica 79 5
9 Ennis, Frank 80  
10 White, Doug 81 3,3
11 Primak, Mike 81 3,4
12 Frank, Bill 81 6
13 Sorrentino, Matt 82 4,5,7
14 Bilyk, Chris 82 4,5,9


Week #2 GCNJ Match-Play Qualifiers

1 Kislowski, Wally 69
2 Szegda, Dave 75
3 Godwin, Don 76  
4 Hooyman, Rich 80  
5 DiSimone, Carl 81  
6 Sodano, Joe 88  
7 Rozelle, Jeff 92 3
8 Lauten, Craig 92 4
9 Costello, Pete 95  




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