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Dave Formichella
Phone: 908-415-3440


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Insty-Pay Rules


Entry Fee: $20 per individual and team outings. $25 per person for 2-day events.

Format: All formats will be the same as the regular GCNJ format for that day.

Payouts: 1st place 60%, 2nd place 30%, 3rd place 10%, 4th & 5th place gets their entry fee back. Each event will have $40 held back for Southern Swing and playoff payouts.

Tiebreakers: There are none. Prize pools will be split. 

Points toward playoffs: 1st place 6pts, 2nd place 5pts, 3rd place 4pts, 4th place 3pts, 5th place and ties 2pts. All other participants, regardless of finish, will receive 1pt.



EVERYONE who earns 20 points qualifies for the playoffs... make 20 pts and you are IN. Playoffs will last 3 silly season events.  

Playoff entry fee:  $50 (one time fee covers all 3 events) 

Playoff payout: No weekly playoff payouts. All monies will carry into season-ending overall playoff pool.  

Tiebreaker: There are none. Prize pools will be split.  

Playoff points: No points carry over to playoffs. This is a 3 tournament dash for playoff cash. Points will be earned in reverse finish. Total points will be determined by number of playoff contestants. If 25 people qualify, 1st will be worth 25, 2nd = 24, 3rd = 23, etc. Your total from all 3 events will be added together and the top seven will get paid.

Final payout: Top 5 players with the most points after the playoffs: 1st = 40%, 2nd = 20%, 3rd = 15%, 4th and 5th = 10%.







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