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Golf Club of New Jersey Saturday-Series

Link to Saturday-Series Standings

     This year the Golf Club of New Jersey will again sponsor the 12-event GCNJ Saturday-Series. All GCNJ members are eligible and already registered for this special series. Players will compete in a 12-event special competition during regular GCNJ play. There is no entry fee for competing.

     Competitors will receive points for their individual net finishes throughout the 12-event series and the player with the most points accumulated over the series will be crowned the “champion” and receive $200. The events will be run in conjunction with our regular GCNJ format for the week; however, a separate series of results and standings based on each players performance for the week will be available on the website. Competitors will receive points for top 10 finishes during the 12 events listed below. The points will be based on the players individual net score for that week, regardless of the regular GCNJ format for the week. Points will accumulate as follows. 1st for the week = 100 points, 2nd = 90 points, 3rd = 80 points and so on with the 10th place finisher receiving 10 points.



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