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New 2020 GHIN/GCNJ Handicap Info Below

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     GCNJ indexes will be used for all GCNJ events (including winter events and Florida) and all scores shot in these events will be used to adjust your GCNJ index.  Scores from these rounds will also be posted by the club to GHIN if played inside of the USGA season.  USGA indexes (or as revised by the World Am committee) will be used for the World Am.  World Am rounds are to be posted by each member individually to GHIN.  World Am scores will not be used to adjust your GCNJ index.

     GCNJ Indexes will be calculated using the best 4 of your last 10 GCNJ rounds.  Only rounds played over the current calendar year and the previous year will count toward determining your GCNJ Index. (For this season we will use the 2019 and 2020 seasons.)

GHIN index (if available) will be used when less than 4 events are available within GCNJ play. New players with less than four USGA or GCNJ rounds will have their index reviewed and if necessary adjusted by the handicap committee weekly until they reach four rounds played.  Players with more than four GCNJ rounds may request to have their GCNJ index adjusted by the handicap committee if they feel it is not a true representation of their current playing ability. 

                                               2020 NEW HANDICAP INFORMATION

Here are a bunch of questions and comments I've heard about the new handicap system.  I've done my best to answer everything that is sure to come up, but if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.  Keep in mind that as in the past, your GHIN index and your GCNJ index will be calculated separately.  Your GHIN index is all rounds played (in season), while your GCNJ index is only the rounds you play within the club.  


Q:  Why does my handicap index the beginning of this season appear to be lower than the end of last season?
A:  The new GHIN index calculation only uses your best 8 of the last 20 rounds played instead of the best 10 of the last 20.  The result is that most people have seen their index drop by about 1/2 to 1 full stroke.

Note:  Our GCNJ index in the past was calculated using the best 5 of the last 10 rounds played.  Now it will be the best 4 of the last 10. 

Q:  Why does my course handicap look so low, especially if I play forward tees?
A:  The old method of calculating the course handicap was giving you the number of strokes necessary to play to the course rating.  So if the course rating at a course's white tee is 68.9, the strokes you were given were the number you would need to get to that around that score if you played to your handicap.  Now, the strokes being given are the strokes you need to shoot par, not the course rating.  So if par is 72 on that same course, you are now going to receive 3 strokes less than in the past.  (68.9-72=-3.1).  So if you used to get 15 strokes on that white tee in the past, you will now receive 12 strokes. 

Course handicaps can be calculated directly on the new GHIN app.

Q. Do we need to do any handicap adjustments between different tees like in the past?  
A:  In general, the answer is no, but there is an exception to that.  In the past you always had to make an adjustment because of differences in course rating between tees.  In the GCNJ, we were making those adjustments for each tournament in the spreadsheet.  Because course handicaps are now based to par, we now only need to make an adjustment if the par is different at different tees.  This is very uncommon between the men's tees, but we do occasionally see the women's tees with a different par than the men's.  On those occasions, the women will see an adjustment to their course handicap to have them play at the same par as the men.  If the par for all courses is the same, your course handicap will not see any further adjustment.

Q. How will this effect GCNJ tournaments being played from different tees?
A.  There will be no change, other than net scores looking a bit higher than in years past.  The differences between players will not be any different however.  So if we had a tournament last year where a man from the white tee got 18 strokes, a senior from the green tee got 16 strokes and a lady from the red tee got 12 strokes, this year it might be 15, 13 and 9 strokes respectively.  The handicaps will feel too low, but we will all be getting less together.  Results for a tournament will be exactly the same as they would have been last year (with all net scores being higher by the same amount) and net score averages in the GCNJ will appear to be 2-3 strokes higher than we've seen in previous years.

Q. How do I calculate my post score now?
A.  For rounds within the GCNJ, we will continue to calculate your post score and report it.  You may opt out of GCNJ posting your score if you prefer to do it yourself immediately after the round (please let Dave know if you wish to post your own score).  If you are posting any scores yourself, the new GHIN app will let you post scores hole by hole if the course handicap information has been put into their database.  While in Florida we saw that most courses had this capability, but not all. When you input a hole's gross score, it will automatically calculate the post score for that hole.

If the app does not allow you to post hole by hole, then you need to figure out your post score on your own.  The maximum you can post on a hole is a net double bogey.  So if you're on a par 5 hole and receiving a stroke on that hole, the most you can post is an 8 - (a double-bogey 7 plus the 1 handicap stroke).  

Q. How does this new "bad weather" adjustment work?
A. If you play on a very bad (or great) weather day and scores that day are unusually high (or low), they may adjust all differentials on the course that day between +1 to -3 strokes. This is called a "Playing Course Correction" or PCC.  I can tell you that I played a pretty cool and windy day in Florida last month and I thought I might see an adjustment for that day, but none was given. So I believe these adjustments will be relatively uncommon.  On the GHIN app you can see if there was a PCC applied right next to the score you posted. Basically it's nothing you need to worry about.  Just play the game, post the score and they will adjust if it's needed. 




Arnotte, Pat 6.5
Austin, Andrew 1.7
Bilyk, Chris 19.1
Bonello, Pete 17.0
Brown, Alan 6.4
Burgess, Paul 23.8
Cangelosi, Joe 15.7
Clayton, Larry 18.2
Cortese, Adam 4.3
Costanzo, Barry 23.5
Costanzo, Jaime 15.3
Costello, Pete 12.5
Daly, John 12.4
DiDonato, Barry 23.0
DiSimone, Carl 19.8
Ennis, Frank 14.2
Fanucci, Bob 13.6
Foley, John 25.8
Formichella, Dave 13.7
Frank, Bill 21.5
Frederick, Gordon 10.0
Furey, John 23.7
Godwin, Don 8.4
Goss, Norm 24.1
Grebel, Alex 6.1
Haupt, Dan 14.2
Hicks, Chuck 6.2
Hooyman, Rich 13.0
Jacobson, Greg 13.3
Kannheiser, Barbara 36.0
Keesling, Jim 19.4
Kelley, Jessica 9.7
Kislowski, Wally 1.5
Lauten, Craig 19.0
Lawroski, Mike 14.0
MacLeod, Bob 12.3
McCarthy, Glenn 24.8
Mejia, Steve 11.6
Mieczkowski, Rob 12.3
Murphy, Drew 6.9
Nutt, Mike 16.5
O'Brien, Jack 11.4
Parham, Tom 6.0
Placenti, Rudy 19.4
Primak, Mike 20.3
Richter, Mike 23.2
Rittinger, Dave 13.9
Rocha, Tony 15.6
Romano, Bob 18.4
Rozelle, Jeff 13.4
Sodano, Joe 35.6
Sorrentino, Matt 23.4
Spellman, Tom 34.3
Stringari, Brian 9.6
Sturm, Roger 15.5
Tormondson, Alan 20.2
Townsend, Ed 24.0
Tricker, John 6.2
Tullio, Tim 8.5
Tushingham, Dick 19.6
VanderVoort, Bruce 26.3
VanDezilver, Harry 4.2
Vitriol, Jon 16.6
Warren, Ron 18.9
White, Doug 23.7
Wolf, Keenan 6.8



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