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 Golf Club of New Jersey Handicaps
thru The Masters

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     GCNJ indexes will be used for all GCNJ events (including winter events and Florida) and all scores shot in these events will be used to adjust your GCNJ index.  Scores from these rounds will also be posted by the club to GHIN if played inside of the USGA season.  USGA indexes (or as revised by the World Am committee) will be used for the World Am.  World Am rounds are to be posted by each member individually to GHIN.  World Am scores will not be used to adjust your GCNJ index.

     GCNJ Indexes will be calculated using the best 4 of your last 10 GCNJ rounds.  Only rounds played over the current calendar year and the previous year will count toward determining your GCNJ Index. (For this season we will use the 2022 and 2023 seasons.)



Amador, Emerson 17.2
Appelt, Dennis 15.8
Bailey, Bill 10.6
Bennett, Jack 14.1
Bilyk, Chris 16.8
Brown, Alan 8.0
Burgess, Paul 20.4
Cangelosi, Joe 19.4
Cohen, Mitch 13.5
Costello, Pete 17.6
Cronce, Dwayne 13.9
DeJesus, Paul 14.9
Ennis, Frank 12.6
Fanucci, Bob 22.7
Farrell, Brian 15.4
Formichella, Dave 16.3
Fraga, Fern 28.0
Frederick, Gordon 15.1
Furey, John 18.7
Glasser, Eric 24.8
Glutz, John 19.4
Hicks, Chuck 5.9
Hooyman, Rich 14.5
Jacobson, Greg 14.2
Kamery, Kevin 22.5
Kamery, Theresa 30.3
Kannheiser, Barbara 32.2
Kelley, Jessica 12.9
Lawroski, Mike 9.5
McNamara, Jerry 10.2
Mejia, Steve 15.7
Mieczkowski, Rob 8.0
Nutt, Mike 17.9
O'Brien, Jack 15.0
Parham, Tom 7.1
Pavlovich, Eric 22.6
Placenti, Rudy 18.6
Primak, Mike 19.3
Rocha, Tony 12.9
Romano, Bob 20.7
Rosky, Mark 20.5
Sorrentino, Matt 18.4
Townsend, Ed 29.1
Tricker, John 9.7
VanDezilver, Harry 9.1
Warren, Ron 15.6
White, Doug 21.9
Wolf, Dean 11.3
Wolf, Keenan 11.7
Zurick, Jack 21.1



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