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Dave Formichella
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Click here for Brewster’s Millions Standings

Sponsored by
Bob MacLeod in memory of Bob’s friend, Ed Brewster 

1st PLACE = $500
2nd PLACE = $300
3rd PLACE = $100


     This is a season long event that Bob MacLeod has put together in memory of his friend Ed Brewster. It’s called the 8-Ball and will last until the end of the regular season at the GCNJ Championship at Sea Oaks. Every paid up member is automatically entered with no additional entry fee required. Results will be posted on the website each week.


     The premise is you need to make a NATURAL birdie or better on the 4th, 8th (Double Points), 12th or 16th hole of whatever venue we are at for that event. If you make a birdie, to qualify, you will need the TOURNAMENT WINNER IN EITHER THE GROSS OR NET, OR TEAM, to have a NATURAL par or better on the 8th hole as well. If those goals are BOTH met than each player who birdied the hole will receive a point. THE 8th HOLE BIRDIE EARNS DOUBLE POINTS. At the end of the Brewster’s Millions competition, the player with the most points earns $500 (nice, not a million but not bad); 2nd will earn $300 and 3rd will earn $100.

This is an awesome addition to all the other fun competitions we have and new for 2018.
Thanks so much Bob.

Best of luck to ALL in the 8-BALL!!


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